Pierleone Porcu - Alfredo M. Bonanno - O.V. - G.C.
Towards a generalised attack on the State and capitalist structures that are hostile to life and its free development

Our boundless horizons disdain the world of time, uninterrupted flux of measurable aspects from boredom to slaughter that mark the daily doing of civilisation and its History, a man-made assemblage of fables and litanies. We have therefore retrieved the following words, not to be swallowed literally, but which through their force of penetration and above all opening towards the unknown paths of a conscious struggle to nowhere, might be welcomed into a process of thinking, discussion, experimentation in the field of attack, the only admissible place for verification of intentions. Far from the parcelised rythms of specialisation, submission, fear of the future or the comfort of the new perspectives mapped out by all-pervasive technologies towards a green-tinged concerted ‘we’re all in this together’ attempt to save the planet (for the bosses).