The Unwanted Children of Capital

No one emigrates from their country for pleasure – this is a simple truth that many want to hide. If someone leaves their land and loved ones peacefully, we don’t define them migrants, but simply travelers or tourists.
Immigration detention centres exist all over fortress Europe as the bosses establish that only certain immigrants are allowed to stay while others are criminalized and deported. One such centre, Regina Pacis, near Lecce in southern Italy, was closed down following an unremitting struggle by a local anarchist group. Following this, operation ‘Notte tempo’ (night time) was unleashed by local police resulting in the arrest of 13 anarchists who were charged under conspiracy laws. Their trial is still going on.
This pamphlet presents a few contributions concerning the struggle against various detention centres in Italy, and actions carried out in other countries in solidarity with imprisoned immigrants and the Lecce anarchists.

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