Solidarity with the Aachen 4

On June 24 2004, just over the border from Belgium, the German police stopped a car carrying three men and a woman for a routine ‘drugs control’. The reaction of one of the passengers was immediate: he pulled out a gun and fired a shot in the air. Following a car chase in which the driver and his wife were also taken as hostages, the three men were surrounded by police and gave themselves up.
Who are these people? Why go beyond a generic sympathy towards all rebels who, having extracted themselves from the logic of slavery and submission, find themselves face to face with the guard dogs of capital? The reason is simple: these men, Bart De Geeter, Jose Fernandez Delgado and Gabriel Pombo da Silva, have something in common with us: they are anarchists, lovers of freedom and sworn enemies of exploitation.
And when the enemy succeeds in taking rebels hostage, locking them up, framing them as terrorists and enemies of the people, there are comrades everywhere for whom solidarity is a fundamental, inextricable part of the totality of the struggle.

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