Insurrection - Anarchist paper

Nos 0-6
December 1982 - September 1989

We address ourselves to anarchists and all those who feel themselves to be in a situation of antagonism against the domination of the State and capital. We address ourselves to those who see that science is no longer neutral, and to those who see that the struggle against the vile experimentation on animals cannot be fought as a single issue but must be brought into the global project of the capitalist enterprise. To those who see that moral indignation is not enough. That simply adhering to a movement in name and having no concrete project is not enough. We address ourselves to those who want to take the risk of throwing old schema out of the window and look for a new road. An informal, flexible road. One which requires constant engagement in a dimension of permanent conflictuality, not sporadic moments, spectacular displays of numerical strength. For those who want everything now and are prepared to make sure they get it and realise that this road is one that we must work to create, experimenting together. What we are offering here is one instrument in that project. Not abstract theory but an attempt to go forward and develop means that are adequate to the present day in the struggle towards a free society. Much of the analytical and theoretical contributions are the fruit of involvement in the struggle elsewhere in recent years. It is therefore also an attempt to break down some of the geographical and linguistic barriers that are an obstacle and prevent a full development of the struggle. Elephant Editions is no more than a collection of texts, a contribution to the great cauldron of dreams, ideas and experimentation for those who have decided to make their desires reality, now, without delay. The prices are orientative, with the usual reductions for bulk orders, distributors, etc. For a contribution of fifty pounds you could receive a copy of each publication mentioned in this catalogue, including those in preparation. If you find any of the texts of interest and wish to receive them, send what you can. No amount is too little—or too much. Obviously, the less time spent procuring the necessary means, the more could be spent making available material that might be useful to us all. So it’s also up to you. It goes without saying that books and pamphlets will be sent on request to those in the clutches of State repression. Looking forward to hearing from you.